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JMC Engineering (JMC) has grown from its origins in the United Kingdom to an organisation that is involved in projects throughout the world.

In 1992, JMC Engineering (UK), Ltd., formerly known as JMC Mining Services, Ltd., was incorporated in the UK as a highly specialised company involved in all aspects of engineering, mining and environmental projects.

After establishing a core team of experts in various fields, JMC undertook numerous projects that involved utilising each constituent at its disposal. JMC’s reputation grew and, with this, the Company expanded, providing services worldwide.

JMC Engineering is involved in all aspects of mining, mineral processing, material handling, power generation and environmental services. The company provides technical and managerial services to the United States, the United Kingdom and International industrial markets.

Today, JMC comprises of experienced professionals with extensive ability in many fields. It has a wealth of expertise and has built up a large and far reaching client base
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