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JMC Engineering (JMC) has experience in development of property, whether it is commercial, recreational or residential. JMC considers all aspects of such development including environmental implications and the demand for a "quality of life". it also adheres to the strict building regulations of the local authorities and governments in which the development takes place.


JMC provides a complete range of general contracting services in order to ensure the right level of performance in the construction process. Those services include the following:




JMC provides the Owner and Architect with cost estimates at various stages of design development. JMC also prepares construction schedules; confirms site conditions; researches and procures materials and resources to ensure cost effectiveness of the project.




JMC's experienced project managers work with various subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that the project is completed to the highest quality. The project managers work closely with the Architect and Owner to guarantee that the work meets required specifications and individual needs. Utilizing the latest computer software, JMC's team can share information and facilitate and unforeseen obstacles.




In a time when more development is taking place to meet the ever-growing population, it is rare for one company to perform all duties associated with property development. JMC's highly experienced site managers gel individual contractors into a well-oiled team. These managers will utilize the very best resources available to ensure successful completion of the project.




From inception, JMC will project the budget and associated costs for each project. Continual updates through each stage ensure that costs do not spiral out of control and stay within the parameters set by the Owner.


Utilizing these skills, a high level of professionalism and quality passes on the right signals to the client and leaves them with a knowledge that their requirements will be taken care of.

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