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Environmental Services

JMC Engineering (JMC) offers a wide range of Environmental services including but not limited to the following:

  • Air Pollution Control Technology
  • Water Quality & Treatment
  • Waste Management & Disposal
  • Reclamations of Abandoned Mine Land

JMC investigates incidents of discharges of coal mine gas and water associated with coal and metalliferous mining activities and advises on their subsequent capture and treatment.

JMC has a thorough knowledge of mine workings across much of the United Kingdom. Upon closure of a mine, JMC will undertake large and small scale projects to eliminate risks to the general public.

This includes analysis of risk factors from the rising water table pressurising mine gas. Identifying the likely path the gas may take to the surface and the impact on the environment.

In the eventuality of encountering water discharging or gas emissions, JMC is able to design and manage, to completion, the necessary treatment schemes. This would include the appropriate specification, method statements, risk assessments and financial controls.

JMC is currently conducting many studies with local authorities in respect of discharging water from closed colliery sites throughout the UK.

JMC is experienced in the design, installation and management of sites to deal with discharge of mine water, which have an impact on the local environment. In the design and implementation of treatment strategies for mine audits, facilities have been incorporated which are sympathetic to the Local wildlife including bats and badgers.


JMC’s objectives with regard to contaminated land are in line with current government requirements, namely:

  • To identify and remove unacceptable risks to human health and the environment
  • To seek to bring damaged land back into beneficial use
  • To seek to ensure that the cost burdens faced by individuals, companies and society as a whole is proportionate, manageable and economically viable

JMC works with local authorities in providing services which will enable these objectives to be achieved.

These services include:

  • Inspect and identify contaminated land
  • Establish responsibility for remediation work
  • Establish costs associated with remediation work
  • Carry out Risk Assessment basically but not limited to local authority guidelines
  • Supervision of work associated with remediation
  • Establish a public register of all sites deemed to be contaminated land


JMC has considerable experience in the management and restoration of colliery spoil heaps. Statutory inspections and reports on active, closed and disused spoil heaps can be undertaken. Where serious problems exist specialist technical assistance is available to analyse problems and produce solutions.

Ensuring tips remain stable has been an important part of JMC engineers’ work for many years.

Design and installation of equipment to provide monitoring and collection of data from remote sites. Solar panels are utilised to provide power to enable data to be transmitted to control centres.

Monitoring water pressure in the body of the tip by means of piezometers on high risk slopes is regularly performed and the results analysed.

Remedial works, which may include repairs to existing adits or establishing new drainage regimes, are specified and managed as required.