LARCODEMS – A History of Publications

LARCODEMS – A History of Publications

As a result of the relaunch of the website, we are now in a position to bring you a history of how the LARCODEMS has been assessed and evaluated in various mineral processing fields. There have been many other assessments and evaluations over the years but here is a list of publications available on the internet, with links, to evidence the efficiency of our technology.

The most recent of these publications was shown in a recent JMC Website news item (here) and is the top of the list.

Please browse at your leisure and contact us if you would like further information.



An evaluation of hydrocyclones and the LARCODEMS cylindrical cyclone for the separation of waste plastics of proximate densities.

M. R. Gent, H. Muñiz Sierra, M. Menéndez Álvarez, J. McCulloch

Waste Management, Volume 79, September 2018, Pages 374-384


A Parametric Model of the LARCODEMS Heavy Media Separator by Means of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines

M. Menéndez Álvarez, H. Muñiz Sierra , F. Sánchez Lasheras and F. Javier de Cos Juez

Materials, 2017, 10, 729


Optimization of the recovery of plastics for recycling by density media separation cyclones

M. R. Gent, M. Menendez, J. Toraño, and S. Torno

Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2011, 55, 472–482


DMS cyclone separation processes for optimization of plastic wastes recycling and their implications

M. R. Gent, M. Menendez, J. Toraño and S. Torno

Waste Management & Research, 2011, 29(6) 644–655


Enhanced plastics recycling by Cyclone Media Separation

M. R. Gent, M. Menéndez, J. Toraño and S.Torno

ISWA APESB World Congress 2009, Lisbon, Portugal, October 12-15


Cylinder cyclone (LARCODEMS) density media separation of plastic wastes

M. R. Gent, M. Menendez, J. Toraño, D., S. Torno

Waste Management 2009, 29:1819–1827


Recycling of plastic waste by density separation: prospects for optimization

M. R. Gent, M. Menendez, J. Toraño, I. Diego

Waste Management & Research, 2009, 27: 175–187


Investigation of the importance of particle shape and surface wettability on the separation of plastics in a LARCODEMS Separator

R.D. Pascoe and Y.Y. Hou (UK)

Minerals Engineering, 1999, 12 (4), 423-431


The Coal plant of the 21st Century- a contractors view

I. Rudman – SAIMM, 11 p.



















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