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Power Services

Innovative Solutions for the Modern World

JMC offers a wide range of power generating systems and services around the world.

Power Services

JMC Engineering (JMC) offers a wide range power generating systems and services. JMC provides professional services for client throughout Europe, Republic of South Africa, CIS and the United States of America. This includes Consultancy, Engineering, Design and Contract Management of projects from conception to commissioning and hand-over.


  • Mechanical: Material Handling
  • Electrical: Power Systems, Control Gear, Instrumentation
  • Chemical: Water Treatment, Waste Product Treatment
  • Civil: Design, Detail, Construct


  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Disposal
  • Air Quality
  • Reclamation
  • Control Systems

Project Management

  • Design, Detail & Procurement
  • Installation and Commissioning Turbines, Generators & Boilers
  • Environmental Control Techniques and Instrumentation
  • Cost Control Systems and Budgeting

JMC engages with other service providers to the industry, welding together the various disciplines to ensure the customer receives the best return on their investment.

JMC’s strength is recognizing the problem, soliciting the appropriate expertise, and applying the solution.

Power From Waste

Many municipalities face rising costs associated with operating a landfill. In addition, environmental requirements are becoming more stringent. This, combined with rising electrical costs, creates concerns for municipalities.

JMC offers an alternative solution to the problem, with a system designed to turn the municipal waste into electrical power by utilizing existing technologies to burn:

  • Municipal Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Wood Waste
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Tires

This turnkey system, when in place, will provide the following opportunities:

  • The power produced can be fed into regional or national power grids.
  • Temporary and permanent employment.
  • A low cost alternative to traditional power generation facilities.
  • Use of landfill materials can reduce land required for disposal of unwanted materials.
  • A steady source of electricity for the municipality.
  • Enhance public health by reducing the environmental problems associated with landfills.