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Project Management

JMC Engineering’s (JMC) strength is recognising the problem, soliciting the appropriate expertise and applying the solution.

JMC engages with other service providers in the industry, welding together the various disciplines to ensure the customer receives the best return on investment.

JMC is highly experienced in all aspects of Project Management. Particular attention is given to Risk Assessment and Method Statement. JMC takes into account all relevant statutes and regulations, pertaining to a project, wherever geographically situated. Combined with commercial and cost control systems, JMC ensures that a project will meet the necessary time deadlines and satisfy the client’s budget expectancy.

With the size of development projects of today, it is rare for one individual company to employ all of the personnel required to complete such projects. Indeed the current trend is to move towards more open, collaborative partnerships, where contractors need to share project data. This is a method of operation that JMC has used for many years and it is aware of the demands on managing such projects. Such demands include:

JMC Engineering


Whatever the type of project, the number one requirement is always the same – delivery on time and within budget. JMC uses the latest technology to ensure that it:

  • Records the progress against tasks, to ensure an accurate picture of how the project is developing and if the end date has changed.
  • Adapts to such changes and using alternative sources to get the project back on track.
  • Makes necessary and educated decisions in such circumstances, then quickly informs sub-contractors and owners to avoid confusion.


There is a general skills shortage across the industry and this tends to drive up labour costs. Materials and mobilization costs continue to rise and it is important for contractors to tightly control them in order to protect margins. JMC uses a combination of technology and experience to:

  • Accurately forecast and monitor your direct labour, plant, sub-contractor and mobilization costs.
  • Enter specific data and properties for each resource to ensure accuracy of cost estimates etc.
  • Monitor and keep up to date with changes to resources and then check the impact on costs and project end date.

JMC will continue to consider the client’s needs at all stages of the project, keeping them abreast of every development. However, it will draw on experience to ensure that a project does not stray from the requirements of the client, the environment, and local authorities.